Which Photo Style Matches You?


from: www.1weddingsource.com

You maybe used to seeing the more traditional style of wedding photography, but these days wedding photography styles are more diverse.

So when choosing who should take photo’s of your day it is important to think about the style of images you would like so you can choose your photographer accordingly.

There are three different styles when it comes to wedding photography –

traditional, which is the usual, formal style you often see;

reportage which is more of a ‘fly on the wall’ style and captures events as and when they happen;

and contemporary which uses staged shots as well as traditional formal group poses but with a modern twist.

You can of course mix all three if you wanted, however this relies on being able to find a wedding photographer who is proficient in all three styles and this can be difficult!

Most photographers will specialize in just one style, although most can add traditional to their repertoire. For instance if you wanted a reportage style but include some family group shots most photographers proficient in reportage can do this as well.

The processing finish of your photographs is another consideration but is less important than thinking about the finished image and how it will look.

Finishes added in processing need to be considered carefully too because they can date quite quickly. The vintage look with sepia tones or black and white are very popular in wedding photography at the moment but could quickly go out of fashion and a return to full color images becomes the trend.

Props have become a popular addition to wedding photography lately, everything from umbrellas and sunglasses to Wellington boots and beach balls add a touch of fun to the day.

Consider your location carefully, the style of wedding you want and if you can envisage props playing a part in your photographs. Many photographers have a trunk full of props and they can work with you to come up with suitable props that will tell the story of your day.

Many brides will concern themselves with the trends of the time, but personally I think you should go with what you feel suits you best. Your wedding photographs will be personal to you both so choose a style that says more about who you are as a couple than what the trend was at the time.

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