Wedding Trends: The New Trend Is No Trend


By Wedding Expert Elysa Ross for

Today’s weddings are more about originality and out of the box thinking. Creative favors, off-beat receptions and eclectic venues are all the rage.

Many couples are having their ceremony & receptions at private homes, restaurants, museums and even camps. Even clergy officiating has gone by the way-side.

Although many couples still get married by a priest or rabbi, a lot are choosing judges, a justice of the peace or other-ordained officiants. Today’s trend is not following the trends!

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Weddings should reflect the bride and groom’s tastes in a timeless manner. Creativity and individualism are key, but some tradition and elegance should be woven in. For brides, an oversized, funky ring- very cool.
An oversized, funky ring paired with matching earrings and necklace coupled with an oversized, funky tiara is too ostentatious and overbearing.

Gorgeous are the brides who can wear a curve-hugging, slinky dress with a plunging back, but keep it sophisticated with a less dramatic bust line. Plunging backs with vavavoom cleavage is obnoxious. Grooms express their creative side with non-traditional boutonnières, bow ties or even their shoes.

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Love golf? Incorporate a small symbol of a club and golf ball into the boutonnières.
Is poker his thing? Find a tie with playing cards or an ace of spades. These little nuances voice the theme of the wedding (and the couple) without screaming it.

As demand for individuality has increased, expectations of big, formal affairs has decreased. If a large, formal wedding aligns with the couple’s style and budget-it is a great way to go. For many, though, gone are the days of traditional Saturday night, June weddings with a seven-piece band. Instead, a backyard or destination affair or a winter or brunch wedding may be in order.

Bottom line, doing your own thing is now the in thing!