Dare You To Wear These Unconventional Wedding Outfits At Your Wedding


from: http://fashionista.com/2011/10/five-unconventional-trends-from-bridal-fashion…

Don’t get us wrong: We love us some white, frothy wedding gowns.

That being said, it’s nice to see some variation on the runways every once and a while–and this season definitely showed a number of unconventional looks that were a refreshing change.

But while we love that bridal gown designers are thinking more outside the box: Does a bride really want to take a sartorial chance on her wedding day? (Doesn’t she already have too many other things to worry about?)

Or do you think wearing an atypical gown is the perfect way for a bride-to-be to show off her individuality? Check out the top five unconventional trends to emerge from bridal fashion week. Would you wear any of them on your big day?