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Vintage Wedding Trend



Vintage is the new buzz word for wedding planning. There are so many vintage details and styles popular for next year that I don’t know where to start! Jewelry is more old fashion with a modern twist. Kind of a gothic meets bling. It is not small and understated. It is dark metals, heavy lines, big stones, large earrings, etc. Accent Pieces are vintage “blusher” veil, large fake flowers, feathers in hair and heavier make up. Cars! 2012 we will see more vintage cars for the Bride and Groom! And as we all know…Photo booths are back! Just because vintage is the new fad, don’t feel like you have to go for some outdated look. Most of the jewelry, accent pieces and other items have a contemporary twist to keep them looking good. Not out dated.

Winter Wedding Trends 2012



Between the classic white backdrop and the potentially lower cost, winter weddings continue to rise in popularity this year.

As the winter of 2012 approaches, brides are frantically entering the final phases of their winter wedding planning. What are some of the trends this upcoming season?

According to Sharyn Sheldon, President of Just Weddings: “We’ve seen the do-it-yourself trend increasing even more than last year, presumably due to tighter budgets in these tough economic times. Brides want to put their personal touch on their wedding while saving a few dollars.

Since they are not willing to sacrifice quality, they are looking to economize in other ways as well, such as cutting down the number of guests or favors.” Having DIY wedding favors, such as s’mores kits and homemade cookies, are nothing new.

However, brides are also looking to create more and more elements of their wedding decorations as well. For a winter wedding, these include silver-sprayed branches, pine cone scented ornaments, and white on white bunting.

For winter bridal fashion, the classic style of Princess Kate’s gown has had the expected influence on gown designs. Long sleeves, lace details, and even ruffles are all evident. Of course, the vintage look never seems to go out of style.

At the same time, the timeless white gown is being challenged by more daring colors. Vera Wang’s latest wedding gown collection includes colors such as taupe, pale green, and charcoal gray. While white is the traditional color of any wedding, particularly in the winter, rich bold colors are increasingly popular.

Peacock blues and greens, deep ruby red and ivory, and classic black and white with splashes of red are among some of the trending combinations.

Finally, 2012 weddings seem to be continuing the use of themes to express the personality of the couple. “The most popular themes among our customers this year are country western, music, vintage, golf, and Irish theme weddings”, says Ms. Sheldon.

“Destination weddings are a popular theme also, even if the couple isn’t actually traveling anywhere. The idea is to bring the feel of an exotic destination to the reception, no matter whether you are on the beach or in downtown Manhattan.”

Couples may not be able to afford the trip abroad for a tropical or other destination wedding, but they can still create that feeling near home. If nothing else, tighter purse strings have resulted in greater creativity among both couples and wedding planners.

Just Weddings is an online retailer of quality wedding supplies, including favors, decorations, cake toppers, gifts and invitations. Their mission is to help couples escape from wedding insanity and find the little details they need without the usual stress. Visit them at or check out their latest winter wedding favors and decorations at

Cake Pops: Newest Wedding Cake Craze



Cake Pops are the latest phenomenon to take the wedding industry by storm.

These eye catching chocolate covered cakes on sticks offer brides and grooms the opportunity to give their guests a unique and tasty favour, while at the same time creating a table centre piece with the Wow Factor.

Only a handful of providers in the UK have the expertise to provide this new and exciting wedding feature, but luckily for couples in the West Yorkshire area, wedding decor and theming specialists Affinity Weddings are one of the select few to offer this innovative new product.

The beauty of Cake Pops is that you can tailor your display to compliment your wedding colour scheme and enhance the overall theme of your special day. Choose from milk and dark coloured cake pops, cake pops in pink, greens and pastel blue colours, or even gold, silver, red or black cake pops – whatever your colour scheme, Affinity Weddings can create a cake pop display to your exact specification.

As well as offering these delicious delicacies in a range of colours, Affinity Weddings also offer the chance to further customise your wedding favours as they can make cake pops in any shape you choose.

From cute bride and groom shaped cake pops, to cake pops in the shape of a football for footie mad grooms, or Ferrari shaped cake pops, butterfly, star or flower shaped cake pops, so start dreaming up your unique wedding cake pop display now and Affinity Weddings will make it happen. Affinity Weddings have a wealth of experience in the wedding industry having provided decor hire services for special events for many years.

As well as offering this latest trend fresh from the US, cake pops, Affinity Weddings also offer a range of associated products such as all-inclusive wedding decor packages covering everything from chair cover rental to vase hire, table centre piece design using ostrich feathers and crystal trees, fresh flower displays and cupcake towers.

For more information on the beautifully decorated Cake Pop wedding favours from Affinity Weddings, with prices starting from just £1 a cake, and for a rundown of the wedding decor and styling hire packages available too, get in touch with Affinity Weddings today.

Hair Trends For Summer Weddings 2012



With summer nearly upon us, a new season of bridal beauty and trends are in the air – writes Julia Mathams.

The warmer months herald the dawn of Australia’s wedding season, and with hair a key concern for every bride, in addition to an important source of revenue for many stylists, it’s vital that professionals are up to date with the latest trends.

Yvette van Schie, founding owner of Ethix Makeup Beauty and Styling, is leading the charge in her chosen industry and is recognised as one of Australia’s pre-eminent stylists and make-up artists. With 24 years of experience in the bridal industry Yvette has an eye for trends, already predicting the hottest bridal hair looks for summer.

You can bet your brush set that the majority of your clients will be hankering for elegant, retro ‘dos for their weddings this season, with loose finger curls pinned to one side that are reminiscent of old world Hollywood glamour.

Big Hair & Accessories
According to Yvette, for brides who want to buck the popular trend, big is back. “Sexy, full, bouncy Victoria Secret hair is in – bring on next season!” she says. Extensions will also continue to play a big part, as well hair accessories.

One of the most popular trends, brides are breaking away from the traditional veil and opting for more ornate hair pieces such as vintage lace or feathers – a hangover from Carrie’s wedding-that-wasn’t in the first movie Sex and the City.

Yvette encourages stylists to be honest with their brides and educate them about what is possible and what is not as well as what looks good and what simply doesn’t.

“Many brides just do not understand that busy hair and big busy dresses just do not work! Before deciding on the dress brides look at hair and makeup first,” she says.

“A vintage dress must have vintage hair and makeup and if your client is wearing a veil their bun needs to be at the back, not to the side.”

Stylists can also expect to field questions from brides who are worried that their chosen ‘do will drop or look dishevelled by the end of the night. But while this is a concern for many brides, it is rarely a problem for Yvette and her trusty team of stylists who have been trained by hair industry heavyweights including the likes of Sharon Blaine.

*Images courtesy of Evocartiv Photography Tags: ethix

Wedding Night Sex: Mind Blowing or Not



The wedding bells have rung, the bouquet has been tossed, and the cake was cut. Now what?

Every couple has a picture perfect image of what their wedding night is going to be like. The groom is going to whisk the bride away from the reception and carry her across the threshold to a candle lit room with rose petals scattered across the bed and Barry White playing in the background. But is that really what it’s like?

For some, yes, the wedding night is a magical moment that you will always remember. You will be able to fall in love all over again every time you think back to your first night as a married couple. For others however, it doesn’t quite go that way.

For some couples the night may end in pure exhaustion. This one day may have just taken a year of planning, maybe more. Perhaps it was full of laughing, crying, and the occasional disagreement.

Neither party got a good night’s sleep the night before due to excitement, nervousness, and anticipation for the big day. Then, you wake up extra early and your adrenaline immediately kicks in.

Both the bride and groom have multiple tasks and activities to do before the wedding. Then finally, you tie the knot; but now, there’s a night full of dancing, laughter, and mingling. Once the guests finally go home, there’s nothing you would rather do than fall into bed and dream of your future together, not having the famous wedding night sex. That’s okay and one scenario.

Others use the “I do” and that special kiss at the end of the ceremony as a symbol to finally relax and let loose. You get to the reception and start to socialize, drink, and dance. As you celebrate, every toast is finished with a sip of champagne, the beers are cold and crisp, and the shots are going down smoothly.

As the reception comes to a close you realize you’re just a little too drunk to be closing out this joyous occasion with sex. Again, that’s another scenario and still okay.

So, how do you still make your wedding night memorable even without the sex?

In the end, no one will ever know what you did on your wedding night, that’s why it is yours. Do whatever makes the two of you happy. Enjoy your excitement about officially having the rest of your lives together.

Focus on the fact that it is your first night in the next chapter of your life — after all, it’s the marriage that’s really important, the wedding is just a ceremony and party — and that for the rest of the chapters you’ll have a partner in crime.

But no matter what, make your wedding night your own. If you want the wedding night sex, realize that a little planning is in order.

Don’t become overwhelmed by the multiple tasks you wake up to the morning of your wedding day. Instead, utilize your wedding party to help you out. If you can afford it, get a wedding planner to take care of those last minute details.

Don’t worry about the little things, odds are they will fall into place or people won’t notice. Plus, they will just stress you out and, in the end, become stressors that you don’t need on your special day.

Once you’re at the reception, try not to become overwhelmed by the amount of guests you think you have to entertain. You don’t have to! You may have paid thousands of dollars for a DJ/band, alcohol, a good venue with good food and plenty of dance space.

Not to mention the time you spent on configuring a seating chart so that your guests could eat with people they know and like. Let your spent time and money entertain them. On a side note, you should be able to enjoy what your money paid for as well!

If you’re really worried about seeing all the guests, be sure to visit the elderly guests you may not see on the dance floor; the other guests will most likely make it a point to find you. Now, the cameras are off, the guests have gone home, and it’s just the two of you. There is no need to have to pose or act a certain way. You have no pressure or expectations for what you do on your wedding night, except your own.

If you’ve taken the advice given above and you are energetic and sober enough to enjoy sex, then by all means do it! However, if you do find yourself being tired or too drunk, just be real with one another. Laugh about moments you may have had in your past and imagine what it’s going to be like in the future.

Share your likes and dislikes with one another, maybe even plan on doing some of those likes the next morning when you’re both well rested and sober. In reality, your wedding night is only one night of many thousands.

You might have that mind-blowing sex you thought you’d have on your wedding night or you might not. Either way, enjoy the day; but never forget that what’s really important is your life together as a couple — a team — hopefully for the rest of your lives!

Michael S. Broder, Ph.D. is a psychologist who specializes in therapy for couples. He is author of Stage Climbing: The Shortest Path to Your Highest Potential

Wedding Trends: The New Trend Is No Trend


By Wedding Expert Elysa Ross for

Today’s weddings are more about originality and out of the box thinking. Creative favors, off-beat receptions and eclectic venues are all the rage.

Many couples are having their ceremony & receptions at private homes, restaurants, museums and even camps. Even clergy officiating has gone by the way-side.

Although many couples still get married by a priest or rabbi, a lot are choosing judges, a justice of the peace or other-ordained officiants. Today’s trend is not following the trends!

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Weddings should reflect the bride and groom’s tastes in a timeless manner. Creativity and individualism are key, but some tradition and elegance should be woven in. For brides, an oversized, funky ring- very cool.
An oversized, funky ring paired with matching earrings and necklace coupled with an oversized, funky tiara is too ostentatious and overbearing.

Gorgeous are the brides who can wear a curve-hugging, slinky dress with a plunging back, but keep it sophisticated with a less dramatic bust line. Plunging backs with vavavoom cleavage is obnoxious. Grooms express their creative side with non-traditional boutonnières, bow ties or even their shoes.

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Love golf? Incorporate a small symbol of a club and golf ball into the boutonnières.
Is poker his thing? Find a tie with playing cards or an ace of spades. These little nuances voice the theme of the wedding (and the couple) without screaming it.

As demand for individuality has increased, expectations of big, formal affairs has decreased. If a large, formal wedding aligns with the couple’s style and budget-it is a great way to go. For many, though, gone are the days of traditional Saturday night, June weddings with a seven-piece band. Instead, a backyard or destination affair or a winter or brunch wedding may be in order.

Bottom line, doing your own thing is now the in thing!

Which Photo Style Matches You?



You maybe used to seeing the more traditional style of wedding photography, but these days wedding photography styles are more diverse.

So when choosing who should take photo’s of your day it is important to think about the style of images you would like so you can choose your photographer accordingly.

There are three different styles when it comes to wedding photography –

traditional, which is the usual, formal style you often see;

reportage which is more of a ‘fly on the wall’ style and captures events as and when they happen;

and contemporary which uses staged shots as well as traditional formal group poses but with a modern twist.

You can of course mix all three if you wanted, however this relies on being able to find a wedding photographer who is proficient in all three styles and this can be difficult!

Most photographers will specialize in just one style, although most can add traditional to their repertoire. For instance if you wanted a reportage style but include some family group shots most photographers proficient in reportage can do this as well.

The processing finish of your photographs is another consideration but is less important than thinking about the finished image and how it will look.

Finishes added in processing need to be considered carefully too because they can date quite quickly. The vintage look with sepia tones or black and white are very popular in wedding photography at the moment but could quickly go out of fashion and a return to full color images becomes the trend.

Props have become a popular addition to wedding photography lately, everything from umbrellas and sunglasses to Wellington boots and beach balls add a touch of fun to the day.

Consider your location carefully, the style of wedding you want and if you can envisage props playing a part in your photographs. Many photographers have a trunk full of props and they can work with you to come up with suitable props that will tell the story of your day.

Many brides will concern themselves with the trends of the time, but personally I think you should go with what you feel suits you best. Your wedding photographs will be personal to you both so choose a style that says more about who you are as a couple than what the trend was at the time.

Read the original article here:…

Dare You To Wear These Unconventional Wedding Outfits At Your Wedding



Don’t get us wrong: We love us some white, frothy wedding gowns.

That being said, it’s nice to see some variation on the runways every once and a while–and this season definitely showed a number of unconventional looks that were a refreshing change.

But while we love that bridal gown designers are thinking more outside the box: Does a bride really want to take a sartorial chance on her wedding day? (Doesn’t she already have too many other things to worry about?)

Or do you think wearing an atypical gown is the perfect way for a bride-to-be to show off her individuality? Check out the top five unconventional trends to emerge from bridal fashion week. Would you wear any of them on your big day?…

Weekend Weddings


By Daisy Hutzell-Rodman

It’s no longer a day to remember. It’s a weekend to remember.

Local bridal planners say that more and more Midlands couples are embracing the national trend of the wedding extravaganza – the celebration that lasts three days or longer.

While some couples are playing up the “extravaganza” with lavish themed events and décor, others are taking a more laid-back, fun approach.

Nicole Panneton, bridal consultant with Sublime Couture at Shops of Legacy, estimates that 20 percent of weddings are themed, and many involve at least a couple of activities for guests over the same number of days.

Omaha native Sejal Patel is in the extravaganza category. Her wedding is going to be so grand, she has stepped away from her law career in New York to manage the details. Patel and fiancé Stephen Skakandy will celebrate the bride’s Indian ancestry with ethnic food and traditions over Thanksgiving weekend.

Patel has enlisted planning help from her parents, who live in Omaha, and Memrical, an event planning boutique at Rockbrook Village. “It’s going to be the wedding of the century,” said Memrical owner Erin Williams.

About 450 guests are expected from as far away as Germany, England and India. To keep guests apprised of the weekend’s itinerary and dress codes, the bridal couple created a website and an animated 5-minute “Passport to Omaha” video guide.

A Mendhi (henna painting) party at Embassy Suites La Vista/Hotel and Conference Center and a shower for the bride are on Friday evening’s agenda. Saturday’s festivities include a morning ceremony at St. Martha Episcopal Church in Papillion followed by a luncheon back at the conference center.

The afternoon’s Indian ceremonies will flow into an evening dinner, reception and dance, and an after-party, also at the conference center.

Renee Mathias of Omaha will give her 75 guests an intimate taste of the Caribbean the weekend of June 14. Mathias and Mike Keene became engaged in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands.

A destination wedding wasn’t feasible so the couple will bring an island feel to their wedding on Lake Rathbun near Centerville, Iowa. The celebration starts Friday night with a Caribbean party, complete with tiki torches, jerk chicken and calypso music.

The wedding ceremony will take place on a boat. The party continues the next day with brunch, including tropical drinks with paper umbrellas and lots of fresh fruit, and an afternoon boat ride.

Tinya Hardin loves the December holidays so much she had a Christmas-themed wedding. She adored the idea of being married on 12-11-10. She and her groom, Philip Nielson, planned multiple activities.

Their holiday theme was unexpectedly enhanced by one of the worst snowstorms of the year. Near-blizzard conditions canceled a post-ceremony carriage ride through the Old Market. The bridal party, undaunted, headed to Parliament Pub at Midtown Crossing, chosen for its ruby décor.

For the reception, Scoular Ballroom was transformed into a winter wonderland with lighted trees, wreaths and columns. “I really enjoy the Christmas season,” the bride said. “So why not bring Christmas into the wedding? We can, basically, celebrate all month.”

Link to original article:

Top 10 Things To Doublecheck For A Successful Wedding



Almost every married person–I’m betting even Kim Kardashian-Humphries–can rattle off the blunders and oversights that occurred on their wedding day. And the problem is, you don’t know what they are until after they happen.

Here, some wisdom from wedding veterans so you can jump the land mines before they go off….

Visit your flowers:
You can meet with the florist, type up copious notes, provide them with fabric swatches, but unless you actually spring a visit to the florist the day before your wedding (read: when they’re actually working on your flowers), you risk a bad bouquet on the wedding day…with absolutely no time left for a do-over.

Register for affordable gifts:
Makes no sense, right? After all, why should you be worried about money when those registry items are being purchased by others? Here’s why: When the wedding is over, you may find yourself with five out 12 crystal goblets, four full place-settings of Versace china, and pillow cases that match a $300 set of Frette sheets that you’ve yet to receive. If you can’t afford to fill in the holes any time soon, then those gifts become useless objects in your new home.

Count postage in your budget:
Allotting $500 for square, contemporary invitations is all good, but when you add on the additional USPS “odd-shape” fee, plus response-card postage, you may find yourself paying close to double that amount.

Ditch the parasols:
One of the hottest trends in outdoor weddings is providing guests with cute umbrellas so they can see the ceremony under the glare of a blazing sun. What they may be staring at, unfortunately, is not the bride and groom, but the parasol of the guest sitting directly in front of them. A better bet is a basket of inexpensive sunglasses that guests can grab as they enter the ceremony site.

Choose a universally-flattering bridesmaids dress:
The drop-waist number that works on your hipless college roommate might be a fashion disaster on your pear-shaped sister…and if she lives out of town, you won’t realize the gaff until it’s too late. It’s critical to keep all body types in mind.

Tell the DJ what NOT to play:
You’ve worked so hard to come up with a play list, but it probably didn’t occur to you to write down what you absolutely don’t want to listen to at your reception. Troubleshooting the music from the get-go avoids those “My Humps” moments in front of your religious grandparents.

Create a reception timeline:
You spend 12 months planning a fastidious countdown to the wedding day, but if you neglect to orchestrate the timing of each and every event at your reception itself, you risk a half-empty room when you go to throw the bouquet. Trust me; some guests will leave after cake is served, so if you want an audience for your reception rituals, space out the treats.

Avoid last-minute spray tans:
They’re a brilliant alternative to dangerous tanning beds, but you might be inviting aesthetic disaster if you choose to get hosed the day before your wedding. Obvious streaks and embarrassing lines of demarcation between fingers are not unheard of…so be sure to give yourself a good 48 hours for any necessary scrubbing, fading, or blending.

Cover your photo ops:
Your photographer is taking posed bridal-party shots during the cocktail hour, but who’s taking pictures of your guests as they mingle, nibble, and greet old friends? No one–unless you specifically plan for a second photographer or worthy assistant who can shoot during that festive segment of the evening.

Hire your cook, not just your caterer:
You go to the tasting and are thrilled with everything; but come reception time, the chicken is deep-fried rather than sautéed, and the salad has dried blueberries in lieu of fresh. There’s a good chance that the head chef who worked so diligently on your tasting is not the same person who actually produced the food for your guests–but rather, a “kitchen lead” who was assigned the event from a set of notes. Best to ask, very specifically, who will be cooking on your big day. Then remind them to pack you a midnight snack, since you won’t have time to eat the meal, no matter how perfect it comes out.

Hillary Quinn is a national freelance writer and author of the blog, hillarythebargainhunter. Follow Hillary at